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Her Work Has Been Excellent

This letter is sent to give my recommendation for the work of Linda Stubblefield in the area of editing and proofreading books or other material.

She edited my book, The ABC’s of Life, and has worked on another book for my husband, The Forgotten Principle of Child Rearing. Her work has been excellent, both with the content of the book, and in ideas and help with layout for the cover.

She is not only excellent in her work, but finishes in a timely manner.

I can highly recommend her work to anyone writing either a book or other material.


Gerri Johnson
Missionary to Brazil

Her Editing Skills Are Impeccable

In 2018, I finally completed my first book. Because the content of the book was personal and most important, Biblical, it was critical that I found the right editor. I had no idea where to even began my search, with the Internet often being my first research tool, I must confess that Google was my first stop. Totally overwhelmed by all of the options, the Holy Spirit reminded me: In everything in prayer and supplication, let your request be made unto God.

After praying and returning to the internet, I was led to Affordable Christian Editing. Their vision resonated with me, and I read about the staff and selected Linda. This choice would turn out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am convinced that God orchestrated this appointment. Not only are her editing skills impeccable, she was more than proficient in the Word of God. This was a requirement for me. I needed an editor who was not only a Christian, but one who could understand the text enough to add value. I received confirmation after confirmation that Linda was the editor chosen for me.

Linda was available, approachable, timely, honest, professional, affordable and, at times, an encouraging coach. Her consistent feedback provided the affirmation I needed as a new author. While I am an English teacher by profession, her editing provided the additional touch I needed. She was considerate when she saw the need to question my word choice or share the interpretation of particular phrases from the readers’ point of view and her sensitivity was ever present. My impression of Linda never changed. Before publishing my first book in January of 2019, I knew I wanted the opportunity to work with her again. I am proud to say that in October of 2019, we completed book 2, and it is now published. Needless to say, we will begin book 3 shortly.

I thank God for a woman who is an exceptional writer and editor.

Dr. LaSonja Flowers-Ivory

Irving, Texas

I Recommend Her

During her tenure at Christian Womanhood, Linda was responsible for working in different areas of the department from editing, customer relations, sales, and the office’s basic administration and clerical functions.

Linda was always willing to offer her assistance and had an excellent rapport with the many constituents served by our office, including clients, employers, and other professional organizations. I recommend her for any endeavor she chooses to pursue.

Carol Hunter
General Manager

Most Responsible in Publishing of the Three Books I Have Written

I feel Linda was the person most responsible in publishing of the three books I have written in the last few years.

Linda did a superior job in the area of proofreading, editing, and formatting of all my materials that were sent to the press. She was with me from the very beginning of the projects in providing helpful suggestions as well as making changes she felt were necessary to help make my projects a success.

I have had the privilege of knowing Linda since 1975 when she was a student in our classes at Hyles-Anderson College. She has always been a hardworking and diligent worker in every area of her life.

JoJo Moffit
Hyles-Anderson College, Faculty

Very Professional, Knowledgeable, and More Than Capable

Mrs. Stubblefield and I have had many occasions to work together at which time I found her to be very professional, knowledgeable, and more than capable of completing the task contracted with her. She has helped me publish a book in which she worked as proofreader, layout designer, and cover designer, taking it all the way to completion.

I recommend Mrs. Stubblefield and am certain she will exceed any opportunity given her.

Tom Kimmel
President, Faithful Stewards

Competent and Hardworking

Linda Stubblefield is one of the most competent and hardworking people I know. She has helped with the six books my husband and I have written, and they would not be in print without her. When she says she will have work completed, I have never known a time when this did not happen.
She is also my friend.

Frieda Cowling

She Is Masterful

Linda has edited four books for me. In editing, I find that she allows me to still have my “style” of writing while making the content of the book flow. She is masterful at finding the little things in the manuscript that need tweaking to make it just right. While she edits, she also does the layout. She has creative ideas and has spent time in bookstores to get new ways of doing each of the books. This is not something I ask or paid her to do it is something that she chose to do.

I have also worked with Linda on numerous endeavors for an organization called Christian Womanhood. I have found Linda to be relentless in her work ethic. She will tirelessly keep after it until the project is finished to her level of perfection.

You will find her to be a faithful worker who will gladly give you eight hours of work for eight hours of pay. She is honest and forthright and will definitely help any author to reach his or her goals.

Loretta Walker
Office Manager
Roundup Ministries

I Would Never Consider Hiring Anyone Else

In 2011, Mrs. Stubblefield undertook the task of proofreading, editing, and overseeing the publishing of a manuscript which I had authored. I could not possibly have been more pleased with the work that was done. I found Mrs. Stubblefield to be very detail-oriented and skilled in her line of work. The project was completed ahead of schedule due to her diligence and efforts. She worked long hours with obvious determination and precision.

I have no hesitation in my recommendation of Linda Stubblefield because I know for a fact the accuracy of her work. She is not just qualified to edit and proofread a book, but rather she is qualified to write the book on editing and proofreading. She has decades of experience in her field and takes well-deserved pride in the quality of her work.

Finally, I have the utmost respect and admiration for Linda Stubblefield due to her personal and professional demeanor. I have witnessed her work with a wide-range of authors, and Mrs. Stubblefield has handled all of them with unrelenting kindness as well as necessary tact. I found working with Mrs. Stubblefield to be an absolute pleasure and would seek to employ her again in an instant.

I would never consider hiring anyone else to proofread, edit, or assist in the publishing of a writing project. Linda Stubblefield is as qualified as one can be in this line of work.

Dave McCroskey
Hyles-Anderson College

Very Efficient and Competent

I have known Linda Stubblefield for 30 years on a personal and business level. Linda is a very reliable, dedicated worker. She is very efficient and competent in her work. She has created brochures, proofread, and edited for our ministry for years and has proven herself in design and deadlines. We have been very pleased with her work and professionalism.

I certainly would recommend her for any job that she pursues.

Renee Cox
Spectacular Coordinator

God Guided Me to You

Thank you so much for doing a great job editing my manuscript. I am happy God guided me to you.

June Bradley
Newark, NJ
Children’s book, Little Junebug

A Wonderful Experience

I want to thank you for the work you’ve done with Hosanna. Knowing that someone else besides me has read it makes me feel a whole lot better.

I want you to know that working with you has been a wonderful experience, and it has helped me tremendously. Your encouragement has motivated me not to give up on Hosanna. I am once again looking forward to seeing what will happen with this book. I am so grateful for your honesty and integrity.

Katelyne L. Parker
Author of Hosanna

An Absolute God-Send

I firmly believe that Linda Stubblefield was an absolute God-send to me! I needed a little bit of hand-holding as I went through the process of getting my first book, Be Strong and Courageous, to print. She was very patient and thorough in handling my questions, from the initial interview process through to the completed product. Her style was, for me, the perfect combination of professional and compassionate. She was ever-efficient, always returning my edited copies in a timely manner. I am extremely grateful to Linda not only for her excellent work as my editor, but also for being my guide and, as God would have it, for becoming my trusted friend “across the miles.” I have been blessed!

Barbara Fiscus
Author of Be strong and courageous!

An Approachable Editor

It has been pure joy working with you on Treasure in a Tin Box. Your praise of my work helped me tackle the re-structuring of the manuscript. An approachable editor who is willing to work with me, not just for me, is priceless. Collaboration always produces a better product. I wish you continued success and hope to come back to you when book #4 needs your services.

Dorey Whittaker
Author of The Wall of Silence Series

Knowledgeable, Kind, Prompt, and Easy to Work With

As a first time book writer, I highly recommend Linda Stubblefield’s services! Linda is very knowledgeable, kind, prompt, and easy to work with. Linda was so helpful walking me through the entire process of getting my book ready for print. She formatted my manuscript, designed the cover including the photo, and even designed a bookmark I requested. Linda offered wonderful suggestions throughout the process which helped make my book more than I dreamed it could be. So thankful for her and the gifts God has blessed her with.

Nancy Gozola
Author of Journey of Lessons Learned

Your Work Is Impeccable

It has been a blessing working with you. It is so comforting to know that when you work with fellow Christians there is nothing to fear. I have felt God’s mighty hand through this entire process from the beginning until now.

As I told you on several occasions, I write whenever God inspires me to write, but I never knew how much was involved from my computer to the bookshelf. This is my first book and I thank God for you and Affordable Christian Editing. You helped me accomplish my goal, which is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

I explored multiple ways to find someone to edit my book; however, I now see why God closed those doors and opened yours. If I ever need help in the future, you will be the first one that I contact. Your work is impeccable.

My prayers are with you and your company.

God Bless,

Bob Swesky
Author of When God Becomes Your Higher Power

Most Thorough and Knowledgeable

I have sent samples of my manuscript to two other editors so I could see what kind of work they do, and I must say that you are by far the most thorough and knowledgeable and I am certainly looking forward to have you edit my work.


I Praise God for You

Thank you for all you did to help me complete my book, Prayer Point. The information on the website helped me select you to help with my book. You are such a blessing, and I praise God for you. I will keep you in mind for any future editing.

Jeanette Swahn, Author
Mansfield, TX

Linda Polishes My Work

Linda has edited all five of my books and she’s become a dear friend through this process. I enjoy how Linda polishes my work and allows me to fully tell the story God has given me. She’s obedient to the Lord by using the gifts He has given her. Each time she edits a book for me I learn even more about becoming a better writer. I wasn’t supposed to be a writer, but somehow I can’t stop writing. Linda helps me be a better writer!

Sarah Holly

Extremely Helpful and Patient

Affordable Christian Editing was and continues to be my go-to for all of my Christian editing needs. Linda Stubblefield was my editor for my first published book. She was extremely helpful and patient! I had many questions and was trying to navigate through all of my new uncharted territory of writing my first book. Through multiple edits and all of my learning, Linda helped me write a lovely book. She cleaned up my manuscript and helped to make it flow beautifully! Her years of experience were evident and brought peace to all of my feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. Thank you Linda and Affordable Christian Editing for the professionalism but yet personable experience that you offered me as I published and wrote my first book. I am so thankful for your services, and you were an answer to my prayers!

With gratitude,

Stephanie Monthey

A Patient Guide and Teacher

When my teenaged daughter Rebecca wrote her first book, Heroes of Levea, we wondered to whom we should go for editing. My father directed us to Linda Stubblefield who became the perfect choice for us.  She has been tireless in seeking out errors, creating the perfect typesetting, and making Rebecca’s book the best that it can be. She has been a patient guide and teacher as she has directed both my daughter and me through this process of going from a raw manuscript to a finished and published book.  I never before understood the amount of diligent work that goes into making a manuscript a great book. Linda is a wonderful help. I highly recommend her to anyone.

Robert Smith

Missionary in Barbados, West Indies