The Christian Writing and Publishing Guide

The Christian Writing and Publishing Guide

“The writing guide was very helpful. I wished I had read it before I started writing the 28 manuscript proposals! But if I had, when I read through the parts about publishing companies, I would not have had the first hand experience writing and talking to the various vanity and subsidy publishers. That made those parts very real.

“I can tell by his writing that Greg loves Jesus and is working for an eternal goal.”

– Client

I have already read most of it, and can see its great usefulness. I must concede that attaining a secular education to master’s level at Sydney University prior to Bible college gave me much insight as to what is involved with formal referencing, quoting, copyright, etc. But Bless God, this book covers so much more, as it will be the States in which this book will be published.

— Missionary to Australia

God has given you a message to share, and you believe He wants you to write a book, but you have no idea where to start or what to expect through the process. If so, then this book is for you. Perhaps you have a book already written, but you are unsure what the next step may be or how to navigate through the murky and often turbulent waters of Christian publishers, literary agents, and editors. The secular world is money-driven, but you may not be in it for the money. You may simply want to bring honor to God and glory to His Son, Jesus Christ. You might be more interested in helping fellow brothers or sisters in Christ or in reaching the lost. Companies have done their research and they know you exist, and predators are out there, seeking to take advantage of you and of the vision God gave you.

This book brings a unique perspective on the Christian writing and publishing world. Our editor and author, Greg S. Baker, wrote this guide to help aspiring authors produce Christ-honoring books. He pastored for thirteen years in Colorado, been a professional freelance editor for over ten years, having edited Christian manuscripts that range from devotionals to Christian science fiction. He is also a published author, having published both nonfiction and fiction traditionally as well as through self-publishing. Being a pastor, editor, and author has shown him the pitfalls that exist in both writing and publishing Christ-honoring, Christian literature.

The advice given in this guide is partly pastoral in nature but falls heavily on the editor/author perspective. Below are just a few of the subjects covered:

    • Honoring God and Jesus Christ in your writing
    • Developing a cost and time analysis of writing and publishing a book
    • Nonfiction writing guidelines
    • Fiction writing guidelines
    • Copyright laws and plagiarism no-nos
    • Copyright issues when quoting from modern Bible versions
    • Proper styling for biblical references
    • Proper capitalization rules for God and the Bible
    • Dealing with sensitive material and subjects for a Christian audience
    • When to submit your manuscript to an editor
    • What to look for and expect from an editor
    • Understanding the editing process
    • Interior layout and formatting guidelines
    • Cover design guidelines
    • The different types of publishing
    • Determining what type of publishing is best for you
    • Pros and cons of traditional publishing and self-publishing
    • And much more!

With this guide, you will be armed with the information needed to make informed decisions to better see the vision God has give you come to fruition and not fall prey to the sharks out there seeking to capitalize on your love for Christ and desire to help others.