Testimonials for Greg and Liberty

Greg and Liberty

The Christian Writing and Publishing Guide

The guide will allow you to take advantage Greg’s twenty-plus years in the writing and publishing books.

Greg has written both fiction and nonfiction, published both traditionally and through self-publishing.

He knows the ins and outs of what it takes to write and publish a Christ-honoring book.

Greg and Liberty started Affordable Christian Editing in 2010. Greg and Liberty are both authors and editors. Greg is also a dedicated Christian, husband, father, and former pastor for 13 years in Colorado. He has a passion for the written word, and he often likes to refer to himself as a word-smith. He has nine published works. He is known for a variety of published works all of which can be found on his personal website: www.GregSBaker.com.

In addition to several books, he and Liberty have written hundreds of articles for a variety of publications around the country, including Christian Womanhood, the Christian Examiner, and others. Together, Greg and Liberty have striven to develop a platform for Christian authors where their works can be lifted up and bring honor to the cause of Christ.

Editing is an essential aspect to this vision, and they strive to give each author the tools they need to present their message for the glory of God.


Excellent Job

I was very pleased with Liberty’s editing work. She did an excellent job at keeping the tone but offering suggestions to improve clarity.  She also was very gracious when she needed to challenge some of my statements, and she explained why she was challenging them.  I really appreciated that. She did a great job at educating me about formatting since this was my first book. I highly recommend her editing services.

– Joyce Hanscom

Amazing Editing Gift

I’m grateful for Affordable Christian Editing for providing an affordable Christian platform to help  authors fulfill their dreams. I am especially thankful for Liberty Baker and for her amazing editing gift. She went beyond my expectations. Also, her editing skills are topnotch and very detailed. She is very knowledgeable in Scriptures. Thank you, for you amazing work, and I am looking forward to working with you again.

— Brother  Yoelvin A. Molina

Liberty's Content Editing skills Are Exceptional

After I completed the final draft of my book, I looked for an editor with Christian book editing experience. I needed an editor familiar with religious-based content and copy editing skill. After reaching out to Affordable Christian Editing, Liberty Baker contacted me to explain their editing process. I found her to be very personable, with great communication skills.

During the editing process, Liberty used MS word Track Changes. She walked me through the process. We communicated through email. Liberty always responded in a timely manner. Copy and content editing are both important. However, I feel that Liberty’s content editing skills are exceptional. I appreciated her ability to understand my book’s concepts and strategies. She was able to highlight areas, in the text, that might present problems for future readers.

This was my first book and was a humbling experience. Liberty was able to present corrections and problem areas in a professional yet non-discouraging manner. I believe that Affordable Christian Editing is a great value with respects to quality of work and pricing.

– Eric Pryor, author of The Moses Group

You Have Been AWESOME

Greg, you have been AWESOME! I super appreciate your knowledge in the Scripture. I read later you were a pastor for (like) 13 years. That totally makes sense. And yes, this is a ministry. It would normally cost me much more for what you did, and I am not sure some other editor would have been able to understand this complicated book to do a comprehensive edit on it the way you did. You have been a total blessing. I hope this manuscript blesses others the way you have blessed me.

– Michael Sayen

I Can't Imagine Writing a Book Ever Again Without Her

I do not have enough words to adequately express my gratitude to Liberty Baker for her expert editing skills in my newest book, You Are Stronger Than Your Situations: PLEASE DON’T JUMP. Careful to not alter the tune of my writing, there were many instances in which her editing came with suggested revisions and informative explanations. Believing wholeheartedly that she was God-sent, I can’t imagine writing a book ever again without her.

– Deloris E. Jordan

An Incredible Job

Liberty did an incredible job at editing my book.  She made my work flow clearly, offered great advice, and answered every question I asked, which was so important to a first time author.  Three different people contributed to the writing of my book, and Liberty worked with each, very different, writing style to keep it true to each writer. Liberty was supportive of my book and the story I had to tell. She always kept to my intentions behind the real life stories I was sharing. Liberty worked diligently with me to keep to deadlines and was patient with me as I added words along the way. Affordable Christian Editing allowed my book to step up to a professional standard.  I am very grateful for all Liberty’s work and would highly recommend her to others looking to have their book edited. Like the name says it is extremely affordable and worth every penny. Look no further than Affordable Christian Editing! You won’t regret it.

Lauren Auld

Absolutely Brilliant

What can I say? Absolutely brilliant. I would highly recommend Affordable Christian Editing. Liberty was professional, thorough, and constructive. Liberty’s expert eye and caring approach to my words has given my book clarity and purpose. Her passion for her work plays a major role in why they are so successful.

Iona Rossely

Exceeding Our Expectations

My publishing company Brighton Publishing LLC has used the editing expertise of Greg and Liberty Baker and found their editing to be of the highest caliber and exceeding our expectations on every occasion. I would not hesitate to give them my highest recommendation.

Katherine J. McGuire
Publisher & Director
Brighton Publishing LLC

Incredible Value

I wanted to write and thank you for your spectacular work for our company. As you know, we write and distribute various and many articles, press releases and columns both for print and throughout the web and your knowledge and expertise has been of incalculable value. You some how make our rather boring and dull writing jump from the page in a way that readers love and keeps them interested, and we greatly appreciate that. Our year of working with you has been a joy for all of us, and we look forward to many more years of your services. Thank you, Greg and Liberty.

Patrick Carson
CEO, Makemynewspaper.com, Inc.

Awesome Editor

Wow, what an awesome editor. Greg just completed editing our manuscript for The Solutions for Marriage. Comprehensive, thorough and professional. Don’t seek anyone else – Greg will exceed your expectations using Godly principles and methods. He is extremely detailed and offers only the best suggestions for your work.

Chuck Dettman
Founder/Pastor at Today’s Promise, Inc

Great Writer

Liberty Baker is an awesome writer. Their writings are insightful, inspiring, and motivating.

ESL Teacher and Web Developer

Outstanding Value

Greg did an outstanding job editing a 290-page book for us. His work was professional, technically sound, attractively priced and completed ahead of schedule. He was also personable, flexible and great to work with. Greg consistently modeled excellence, integrity and customer service! I would highly recommend Greg for any editing or writing projects.

Jeff Murphy
Certified PREPARE/ENRICH Seminar Director, Pre-marriage Mentor and Marriage Coach

You Can't Go Wrong

Affordable Christian Editing has unbelievable prices and the quality is just as good! I am an author, full-time college student, wife/mother who needed a Christian writer with fresh insight to bring life to my blog. Greg’s tone is contemporary and very engaging! Since using his service, the amount of visits to my blog has increased. His writings has opened up dialog among my readers and has truly been a blessing to all those who have read its content. It’s great to know that I’m engaging my readers without having to sacrifice time away from other daily tasks and responsibilities. If you’re looking for a Ghost Writer you can’t go wrong and will be greatly pleased by the quality of work and fast turnaround provided by the quality writers at Affordable Christian Editing.

Acacia B.

Rely on Him with Total Confidence

I found Mr. Greg Baker and his wife Liberty capable of tackling with much ease any difficulties in the field of editing and rewriting; his comments and editing made me marvel about his immense abilities. I feel it is fortunate that I came across them in the web site. His work on my manuscript—a historical fiction—is exceptionally excellent, though he was not familiar with my Jaffna Tamil culture and traditions. One can entrust him with any kind of editing and rewriting and rely entirely on him with total confidence of a successful outcome. I wish Greg and Liberty good luck and great success.

Kathir Bala Sundaram, Canada
Author of His Royal Highness the Tamil Tiger

Brought Clarity and Accuracy to My Work

I was reluctant to use an on-line editor, but was pleasantly surprised. It was just what I needed. Greg brought clarity and accuracy to my work. I experienced prompt, proficient and personable service. I will use Affordable Christian Editing again.

Doctoral Student

Amazing Talent

Greg S. Baker ghostwrote our book, which was a spiritual fiction novel based on our lives. The subject matter was very difficult for us and we are two people, a married couple writing the book together, these factors could have easily complicated the process, but Greg took our outlines and like magic a progressively growing manuscript came back to us. It was like the book wrote itself, many times I thought that he was reading my mind, because the way he filled in the gaps that the outline left were right on target. We started writing the book many times on our own, but never made it far, we were describing a 7 year period of our lives and is was hard to pick and choose the key parts that drove the plot and were necessary for a fluid novel. Greg was awesome at helping us choose the material that move the story along.

He has an amazing talent and we would recommend him as a ghostwriter or for other areas involving writing as he as a professional through and through.

Our book has passed first muster with a publisher based on a synopsis and the first chapter that Greg helped us create.
We have high hopes that the novel will be accepted by a professional publisher and are very happy with the completed manuscript.

Aaron and Margie

Not Just a “Job”

From the beginning to end, my experience with you on my book has been wonderful! I am so grateful that the Lord put you in my path because you were the final and essential leg in this journey. Without you, Mr. Greg, quite simply, my dream would not have become a reality. It was obvious that this was not just a “job” for you. I clearly felt that your heart was in this project as well.

I loved the way that you helped to take thoughts that were fragmented at times and make them more clear and amazing. Your expertise on grammar and paragraph formation was very evident. You met every single deadline and never over promised or under delivered. Quite simply put, you are truly gifted in your ability to edit and write. The Lord has given me a gift through your skills. I cannot thank you enough and look forward to our next project together.

Tatyana Morosan
Author of Love Finds a Way–Even in the Darkness

I Am so Glad That I Was Led to Your Site

Greg, thank you so much for your editing and ghostwriting work! You are not only efficient, but your work is great. Your willingness to work with me in completing my projects in a timely manner has definitely saved me a lot of headache. I am so glad that I was led to your site. You not only delivered all that you promised, but you did it with so much integrity and grace! I look forward to doing more business with you!

Dr. Debra Brooks, LPC, CCLC

I Want to Recommend Greg and His Company

I want to recommend Greg and his company, Affordable Christian Editing, for any editing services that you may need. My publisher’s cost to edit my manuscript was more than my budget allowed. They recommended Greg’s company, and I am glad they did. What he charges for the quality of work that he does is truly amazing–much less than my publisher. Greg worked efficiently on my manuscript and did a great job. The suggestions he made with respect to wording, punctuation, clarity, and sentence structure have certainly helped me to send a polished manuscript onto my publisher for production. In actuality, Greg’s work truly exceeded my expectations!

Dr. Ray Mitchell,
Pastor of First Baptist Church

I Was Very Happy

I was very happy with his fast service, good communication, and his speed at replying to my emails. The editing was helpful and a good value for the price. I’m going to be sending him more manuscripts in the near future.

Lydia Howe

Your Expertise and Knowledge of the Scriptures Helped Tremendously

Greg, it was truly a blessing to work with you on my book, “Loved into the Light!” It was amazing how well you conveyed what I had to say through beautifully articulated work. I appreciate how you made yourself available to me for questions and comments. You were very professional and never took offense–this made it very easy to communicate exactly what I wanted. Your expertise and knowledge of the Scriptures helped tremendously. It is very obvious that your work is to please God. You make it very affordable and practical. I also appreciate that I knew exactly what I would be paying for and receiving–this eliminated any confusion. I cannot wait to work with you on my next project!

La Vonne Earl
Christian Life Coach

Clear and Grammatically Sound

Thank you, Greg, for your excellent job in making our commentary on the book of Revelation more clear and grammatically sound.

Co-author of “The Book of Revelation Explained”

Greg's Work Is Impeccable

I have written a book named “Secrets Revealed.” The book is about the adventures of a woman and four children that tests their faith in God. Upon completion of the manuscript, I realized it needed tweaking, so I prayed.
While I prayed for guidance, I went online and searched for ghostwriters. Boy, was I shocked. The prices were ridiculous and I kept finding people whose beliefs were diametrically opposed to my belief in Jesus. So once again I asked the Lord to lead me to a Christian who would understand the value of what He had given me. I entered ‘Christian Ghostwriters’ and God immediately took me to Greg Baker at Affordable Christian Editing. I knew in my gut that this was what I was seeking.

I called Greg and we talked, but what happened after that was a miracle. There was no doubt in my mind that this was a divine appointment. The first sample rewrite brought me to my knees. My book had gone to finishing school and God’s glory was all over it. With every installment I cried tears of joy. God is so faithful to perform His Word. The best part was the holy fellowship. Knowing that Greg was praying for and believing in the book was more than I could have asked or imagined. Greg’s work is impeccable.

Ranee Arledge
Author of “Secrets Revealed”

Editing That Is Thorough, Efficient and Done in a Timely Manner

Working with Greg Baker and Affordable Christian Editing has been a great experience. Don’t let the word “affordable” mislead you into thinking that you are getting something less than the best. Affordable Christian Editing provides you with editing that is thorough, efficient and done in a timely manner. Every step of the process was communicated in a manner that was easy to understand and to move forward with. Thank you Affordable Christian Editing.

Mark Verschueren
Author of “Four Pillars to Strengthen Your Faith”

The Christian Community Has a Lot to Be Thankful For

When it comes to excellent editing and writing, from a Biblical standpoint, the Christian community has a lot to be thankful for when it comes to Greg. He is fast, reliable, and reasonably priced. He has done great work on everything that I have trusted him with, and he is the first person that comes to mind when I need any type of editing done.

Christopher Jones
Author of “Privilege and Power” and “Faded Love”

The Best Part of the Equation Is Their Christ-Like Attitude of Service

It has been my privilege to work with Greg and Liberty as my editors. Their attention to detail, precision and accuracy of grammar strengthened my manuscript to make certain it is “a word fitly” written. The best part of the equation is their Christ-like attitude of service throughout the entire process. We worked together as a collaborative team for the common cause of sharing the Word. They are not merely editors, but my brother and sister in Christ. Without question I will use Greg and Liberty again as my editors for future writing projects.

John Lands,
Senior Pastor, Fellowship Baptist Church

An Editor with a Heart for God!

Without a doubt, I highly recommend the editorial services of Pastor Greg Baker to all! His suggestions and recommendations to improve my raw manuscripts are trustworthy and balanced in a manner that always maintains my voice to my intended audience. In addition to the usual “detailed content editing” duties that he does so extremely well, Pastor Baker offers sound theological counsel to ensure a right dividing of the Word of God when servicing a manuscript in the religious genre. Pastor Greg’s faithful guidance is above reproach, and he does a tremendous job each and every time!

A hearty thanks for your edits, feedback, guidance, and encouragement every step of the way!
Yolanda Shanks

Everything I Had Hoped to Find in an Editor

At first blush the value proposition at Affordable Christian Editing seems too good to be true. I had a complex manuscript on one of the most challenging topics in Christianity namely, sanctification. Moreover, I was not only looking for extensive manuscript editing but also a thorough theological review of the content. Greg’s resume came out strong on both these criteria. I thought I had struck a good compromise between my two primary criteria but was pleasantly surprised! On all fronts Greg provided challenging questions, helpful suggestions, and salient edits that made the manuscript a much improved and more rounded end product.

His work was accurate, consistent, and thoughtful — everything I had hoped to find in an editor.