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Rena Fish is married to her sweetheart, Mike Fish, a faculty member at a Christian college where they both teach English Composition and other related courses, including Editing and Proofreading. The Fishes have been blessed with three children.

After graduating from college with a bachelor’s degree in secondary education with an English proficiency, Rena also earned her master’s degree and began teaching English. She has taught English for almost 30 years. Along with providing instruction for her students, Rena has worked as an editor and proofreader for many different authors of both magazine articles and books. Over the years she has written many articles for publication as well as worked extensively with both academic and business writing.

As a teacher, Rena stresses to her students the power behind their words and the importance of excellence as they represent Christ. As an editor and proofreader, Rena has a strong desire to help others pass on the truths that God has placed in their hearts.


Having a Proofreader That Thinks Is Great

I would like to recommend Rena Fish for your next project. She has been working with me for a number of years, proofreading three of my books as well as a monthly magazine. I have found that Rena will give me grammatical changes and then suggestions for wording that might not be so clear. In some situations, she has questioned me about a thought that might be misinterpreted. Having a proofreader that thinks in addition to correcting is great for this writer. I need a proofreader that provides fresh eyes on the material. Please know that if you hire Rena, she will give you your money’s worth.

Loretta Walker
Roundup Ministries

She Is Excellent in Her Field

Rena Fish is an outstanding proofreader and editor. I use her for all of my publishing needs, including posters, books (currently 35), website, etc. She is excellent in her field. I highly recommend her and will continue to do so!

Terry Schipplein
CEO of Maestoso Press, Inc.

Very Thorough

Rena Fish has been a tremendous help to me over the past six and a half years. She has edited four of my books. Mrs. Fish is very thorough, a delight, and a blessing to work with. I simply cannot say enough good things about her.

Sandra Gollihar

Excellent Job

Rena Fish proofread two books for me. She did an excellent job, and I can honestly recommend her.

Mrs. Yvonne E. Coats
Author of A Time to Choose and Love’s Choice