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Jessica Marshall

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Jessica Marshall is a writer and editor from Stillwater, Oklahoma. She grew up as an evangelist’s kid, traveling the United States (and seven foreign countries) with her parents and nine siblings in a 40-foot MC8 Greyhound bus. From her perch at the bus window, she observed people and fell in love with nature’s beauty.

At a youth camp one summer when she was a young girl, she accepted Christ as her Savior. At the age of twelve, she dedicated her life to God’s service at another camp her family attended.

For fourteen years, Jessica was the communications coordinator for her family’s ministry–writing blog posts, outbound emails, and managing promotional materials. She attended Pensacola Christian College, where she graduated with a B.A. in English with a concentration in professional writing.

She loves hearing people’s stories and telling them in creative ways. Some of her stories appear in The Global Baptist Times, where she works as a volunteer writer and editor. She has also been published in Answers in Genesis.

One of Jessica’s passions is to help Christians publish books that influence today’s culture. She has been editing and proofreading for six years. In her work with authors, she seeks to find a balance between polishing the work and maintaining the writer’s true voice.

In her spare time, she teaches private music lessons and tutors students in English and Creative Writing. She’s learned to adapt to Oklahoma’s wild tornadoes and poisonous spiders, and now drinks her coffee like a true cowboy: black. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s soaking in the beautiful Oklahoma sunsets.


Perfect Fit

Writing can be a fulfilling and exciting undertaking, however, it can also be daunting, overwhelming and fear-ridden.  As my husband and I believed we should provide written materials with the goal to help hurting people, we found ourselves often stuck in the mire of uncertainty and insecurity with the writing process.  Thankfully, we found Jessica Marshall to be the perfect fit for our writing goals, as she provided much of the line-editing for our materials prior to printing.  Her training and experience equipped her to see areas that needed correction, clarification, and improvement.  Her gracious attitude was helpful in addressing communication needs.  We are very grateful for her assistance in our writing projects and recommend her highly to those needing editing assistance.

— Jamie and Vickie Jett

Up and Coming!

Jessica is one of our newest additions to the Affordable Christian Editing Family. We have been very impressed with her work and diligence. Her past experience in both writing and editing will be a boon for our company and we’re excited to have her aboard. If Jessica is your editor, you won’t go wrong! I know she will do an amazing job while honoring Christ. She, too, is a word-smith, and you won’t go wrong.

Greg Baker
Senior Editor and Writer with Affordable Christian Editing