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I Was Glad to Utilize His Talents

I have known Jack Minor since I was his college teacher in the early 1990’s. He was always an excellent student. As Jack has shown himself diligent, particularly in research, I was glad to utilize his talents while writing my last three books.

He has also helped me in other ways as well. For example, in 2010 he arranged a live interview for me with the legendary New York City radio talk show host, Barry Farber. I would highly recommend Jack Minor for any related endeavors.

Dr. Bill Grady

A Skilled Editor and an Accomplished Writer

Jack is a skilled editor and an accomplished writer. I have worked with him from the beginning of the Greeley Gazette. I can safely say we owe the success of the paper to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and Jack’s endeavors.

Brett Reese

Ability to Research and Analyze Stories

It has been a privilege to have Jack on our team at Christian News Buzz. He is an excellent writer who consistently provides depth and understanding to his articles, demonstrating both his ability to research and analyze stories as well as to obtain a high level of understanding of the subject. In additional to his writing skills, Jack also distinguishes himself with his high level of professionalism, high ethical standard, and just being a nice guy.”

Kurt Steinbrueck

I Was Delighted

It was a short time frame that I had to finalize a work of 185 pages and I was rushing to finish while also seeking an editor. As most people do in this day, Google was my first choice. A site caught my attention, “Affordable Christian Editing” for self-evident reasons. I didn’t know quite how much I would need to budget for the task of editing my manuscript, yet I didn’t have a whole lot. When I inquired, the process was reasonable and they could accommodate my very short deadline which none of the other three on-line companies could.

Frankly, I was also more interested in teaming up with a person who, besides being an editor, was also a person with a Godly character and who understood of the Bible. To my surprise, the person assigned to me was Jack Minor, well versed in writing skills and a former Pastor. I was delighted to have Jack as my editor and also one who I could bounce ideas with to confirm that the overall content made sense to the reader. Jack has ample experience as a writer and editor and did a great job. Besides, he is sensitive and was never too busy to hear me out when through the process I encountered some rough spots.

Thank you Jack for your wise counsel as well as your accurate and smooth flowing editorial work.

Adriana Kuhar
Co-author, “In Search of my Father”

Extremely Valuable

If you have something to say but are having difficulty getting it on paper or just want expert eyes to review what you have written, I can sincerely recommend you ask Jack Minor for help. I am very pleased with the how he helped me. My work was largely about making right choices and I can now say that Jack was the right choice for me. His expertise in the areas of my weaknesses has been extremely valuable. While Jack will work hard on the details for you, he sees what he is doing not as work but a ministry.

Samuel Chastain, M.D.

Worked Hard

It was a delight to work with Jack on my book, “DRAWING THE GENTILES NEAR TO THE LIVING GOD.”

As an editor with “Affordable Christian Editing,” Jack took this project as his own. He worked hard to get this manuscript published at the right time. As such, he was always prompt to take my calls and respond to any concerns I had.

Truly, Jack’s insight was a blessing and an encouragement to me to move forward to advance the Gospel of Christ in new and unchartered roads to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Mohamed Nacir Athie
President of Cross Over Outreach International