Testimonials for Holly


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Thankful for Holly

The fun we had together; writing my book became the start of something beautiful. I’m so thankful for Holly.

Michelle Williams
Grammy-winning recording artist & Broadway actor, author, Checking In

Fantastic Editor

Holly is the Dyson vacuum of editing.

Shelly Moore
Batholemew, author, This Beautiful Mess

Experienced Editor

Holly is one of our newest additions to the Affordable Christian Editing Family. She brings over fifteen years of editing and writing expertise to our team. We have been very impressed with her work with both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. Her years as an author, ghostwriter, and editor bring a high-level of work ethic, dedication, and experience to any work she does. If Holly is your editor, you won’t go wrong! She will do a fabulous job while honoring Christ in everything she does.

Greg Baker
Senior Editor and Writer with Affordable Christian Editing