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Holly has spent the last fifteen years in the publishing industry as a writer, editor, and manuscript coach. Having worked with publishing houses like HarperCollins, Baker Books, Orange, and Fedd Books, Holly combines her professional experience with her personal passion to help others to tell their story to produce proven, award-winning projects.

Holly’s specialties include macro/substantive editing, book proposals, and ghostwriting. Although most of Holly’s publishing experience has been in Christian non-fiction, she has also worked on devotionals, devotional journals, and group curriculum for preschool-aged kids, elementary-aged kids, middle and high school students, and adults.

After accepting Christ at eight-years-old, Holly continues to learn something new about His infallible character and profound love through every project and each client. Holly believes God wants to use every story—regardless of how messy—to draw glory to Himself and others to a growing faith of their own.

In her free time, you can find Holly hanging out with her three daughters, eating sour candy, and laughing at her own jokes.


Amazing Job

Holly is a rock star editor! She did an amazing job for me. But more than that, Holly connected with me personally. She offered much needed encouragement along the way. I was apprehensive about my writing skills, but Holly gave me confirmation that I was not expecting. She is kind, gentle, and patient. It was a joy to work with Holly, and I highly recommend her for your editing needs.

Karen Harden

Thank God for Holly

I thank God for Holly! Holly was a God-send and a great help to me being a first-time author. She graciously pointed out my major flaws in writing. and I improved overnight, as did my manuscript, because of what she taught me. Holly showed me some important principles that I know I will use for all my future writing. Holly took my book to heart and edited it with sincere interest. And her technical aspect improved it tremendously. It was a delight and a privilege working with her, and I look forward to writing my next book with her help.

Timothy E Ashton

So Pleased

I am so pleased with the editing provided by Holly at Affordable Christian Editing. She was very thorough and helpful. She was so supportive of my project and was genuinely interested in receiving updates on my progress.

Karissa Rodriguez

Great Help

Holly was a great help with her editing of my novel, Wild Donkey. She was patient and gentle with her helpful criticisms. Even more than that, Holly always made her comments in an encouraging manner. I believe my book was much improved due to her work.

James Carroll

Most Outstanding Job

I had used two other people for editing before I met you online, but you did the most outstanding job.

Seun Akinlua

I Recommend Holly

It was such a pleasure working with Holly as my editor. Holly kept me informed with weekly updates on my manuscript until my final edit was  complete. Holly’s customer service is awesome. I am satisfied with her work, and  I recommend Holly as an editor for your manuscript. When I write my second book, I definitely will be reaching out to Holly again.

Antenia Simmons

A Joy to Work With

Holly was a joy to work with.  Her editing is technically proficient without a doubt, but she adds a perspective that I had not experienced with other editors. She was able to communicate to me what it was that readers are looking for and how to adapt my style to accommodate those ideas.  She also has a unique approach that allows for gentle critique and positive affirmation, which was immensely helpful for me as I try to improve my skills as a writer. I would definitely recommend Holly for your next project!

Dr. Johnny Cavazos, MD

Professional Editor

Holly is the Dyson vacuum of editing.

Shelly Moore
Batholemew, author, This Beautiful Mess

Fantastic Editor

I definitely enjoyed working with Holly. She is so kind and warm and a very professional editor. I had the feeling that she is my trusted friend, even if we didn’t meet in person. Her editing skills are impeccable, and her notes add value to my stories. I would recommend Holly to anyone seeking to have a manuscript edited.

Mariana Buric

Thankful for Holly

The fun we had together; writing my book became the start of something beautiful. I’m so thankful for Holly.

Michelle Williams
Grammy-winning recording artist & Broadway actor, author, Checking In

Experienced Editor

Holly is one of our newest additions to the Affordable Christian Editing Family. She brings over fifteen years of editing and writing expertise to our team. We have been very impressed with her work with both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. Her years as an author, ghostwriter, and editor bring a high-level of work ethic, dedication, and experience to any work she does. If Holly is your editor, you won’t go wrong! She will do a fabulous job while honoring Christ in everything she does.

Greg Baker
Senior Editor and Writer with Affordable Christian Editing