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Angie Zachary currently resides in San Diego, where her husband of 38 years serves as an assistant pastor. The Zacharys have three married children and enjoy visiting their ten grandchildren as often as possible.

Angie has worked as a freelance editor and proofreader since 1981. During her tenure as an executive assistant to the senior pastor in two different mega-church ministries between 1997 and 2014, her responsibilities included daily proofreading tasks that encompassed a wide variety of content from websites to ministry print materials to books authored by her employers and their associates.

Angie’s passion for excellence is the guiding force behind her work, and it is her desire to assist authors in reaching others with their message through clearly written and professionally crafted materials that bring honor to the name of Christ.



Angie Zachary is incredible! Everything she accomplishes is first class!! Among her many areas of expertise is editing & proofreading. She has done a few of the books we have published—always very professional, timely, and full of ideas to make the book even better. I highly recommend her and her work.

Mike Ray
Pastor Napa, CA

Cleaned up the Baby!

A book being written could easily be compared to the birth of a child. When the baby arrives, all the experts are present—the nurse, the doctor and the neonatologist, who is an expert in the care of newborns. The baby’s airway has to be cleared. The baby needs to be cleaned up and evaluated. The baby needs attention given to different important details such as footprints, possible jaundice, and arm bracelet, etc.

This book, my baby, required an abundance of help from the experts. Mrs. Angie Zachary, the editor and proofreader, “cleaned up the baby.” My book, my “baby,” so to speak, is alive and well today because of the expertise of Angie Zachary.

Carol Frye Tudor

I Have Recommended Angie's Skills Through the Years

In 1990 I began working closely with Angie Zachary learning the art of editing and proofreading. We both sat at a computer desk as she systematically taught me how to edit a manuscript taken from transcribed lectures into a concise, well-written, 242-page book. After this initial project, we would work together on several more projects until our paths were parted because of relocations. I have recommended Angie’s skills through the years to various companies, and I am pleased that she is joining our team at Affordable Christian Editing. Her work is peerless; she strives for excellence.

Linda Stubblefield
Editor, Affordable Christian Editing

Goes Above and Beyond

Angie Zachary is one of the more detail-oriented editors I work with, and she consistently goes above and beyond with any project she’s assigned. Her feedback to an author is always concise, kind, and full of helpful clarifying questions. When she oversees a copy edit or proofread, I have confidence that the content will be as error-free as humanly possible. I highly recommend Angie for any type of editing work, but she is particularly adept with copy editing and proofreading.

Beth Lottig
Owner, AuthorSource

So Incredibly Good

Angie Zachary is an eagle-eyed professional who executes her work with clarity, expertise, and genuineness. Her years of experience in editing make her so incredibly good. Angie’s suggestions and critiques are factual. She is definitely one of the best in this business!

Dr. Tommy Banjoko
Relationship coach, keynote speaker, theologian, chaplain, counselor, and author.

Fantastic Work

Angie Zachary did fantastic work on my manuscript. She maintained the integrity of the message I am conveying through my writing, and also made herself available to answer any questions or concerns I had.

Donna Hayden, Author

Very Professional

I was nervous about having my first book edited. However, Angie made me feel comfortable and at ease. She was very professional in the way she communicated and thorough in her work. It was a bonus that Angie was a Christian editor that understood my content and was able to offer valuable input regarding what I was trying to say. I would recommend Angie to anyone seeking to have their book edited.

Karleen Mungal

An Amazing Job

Angie Zachary did an amazing job on my manuscript. She found time to ask exactly what I needed, then in a very efficient and professional manner, she made my book more reader friendly than it would have otherwise been. In spite of the distance between us and the time difference, she communicated with me during the process and also gave invaluable advice on copyright laws. I will definitely be asking her to work on other projects for me.

Kofi Akyeampong

Efficient, Thorough, Professional, and a Great Communicator

I reached out to affordablechristianediting.com for help with my devotional and received a quick response from Angie Zachary. I highly recommend her services!! Angie is efficient, thorough, professional, and a great communicator. All of her work is done in a timely manner. She definitely cares about her clients’ success and did a first-class job.

Pastor Doug Cooper

A Great Eye for the Details

My book is about Jesus, so a non-Christian editor was not going to suffice. Only someone who understands the Gospel message can possibly point out where a Christian writer is getting it wrong. For me, that person was Angie. I was a little worried and anxious to send my book out for an edit, but before I ever sent Angie my manuscript she informed me that she was praying about the project, calming my fears. We talked at length about all of my concerns. Her kindness, intelligence, professionalism, timeliness, and complete availability helped me move my project along faster than I had hoped.

I believed I had a pretty good handle on the English language, but her mastery of it put me to shame. Angie has a great eye for the details, but also a sensitive ear for ways to touch the heart of a reader. I am thinking now of a particularly important chapter in which her small edits transformed it from a colder and more impersonal account to a very personal and heart-wrenching scene, and my book is better for it.

You may not be able to tell from this letter, but my blue-collar and sometimes back-alley voice made my book a challenge to edit. Angie rose to that challenge, understanding my connection to my target audience. While she made it clean and grammatically correct, she also understood my intentional wanderings from conventional English.

Angie is as smart as a whip, and sharp as a tack. It is hard for me to imagine a project she can’t find a way to handle.

Jim Precourt

A Like-Minded Follower of Jesus Christ

When I decided to hire an editor, I was looking for a like-minded follower of Jesus Christ who shared my desire to promote the gospel and godly living. Since writing is my hobby, I didn’t have a lot of money to invest. The name of your company, Affordable Christian Editing, encapsulated what I was looking for. Your offer of a free sample of your editing work drew me to you. I appreciated your direct comments in the margin when you felt compelled to address an issue. I desired to learn about the art of writing through this process. I’m thankful that you encouraged me to rewrite several sections. I learned to recognize my lazy habits and rework them into exciting action and dialogue. As an added bonus, these rewritten scenes created greater character development.

Kristen Harper – Christian, Wife, Mommy and Author

A Great Experience

Working with Angie Zachary and Linda Stubblefield of Affordable Christian Editing was such a pleasant and worthwhile experience. Both were extremely patient with a first-time author who was completely unfamiliar with the process of writing and publishing a book. Angie’s editing was flawless, and Linda formatted my manuscript to perfection. Her cover design was breathtaking. I greatly appreciated the counsel and advice each gave me to enhance the flow and readability of my work. Above all, their input helped me reach my own spiritual goal.

Thanks Angie and Linda for a job well done.

Al Mingo, Lakeland, Florida