The Editors

Greg and Liberty Baker

Greg and Liberty started Affordable Christian Editing in 2010. Greg and Liberty are both authors and editors. Greg is also a dedicated Christian, husband, father, and former pastor for 13 years in Colorado. He has a passion for the written word, and he often likes to refer to himself as a word-smith. He has nine published works. He is known for a variety of published works all of which can be found on his personal website:

In addition to several books, he and Liberty have written hundreds of articles for a variety of publications around the country, including Christian Womanhood, the Christian Examiner, and others. Together, Greg and Liberty have striven to develop a platform for Christian authors where their works can be lifted up and bring honor to the cause of Christ.

Editing is an essential aspect to this vision, and they strive to give each author the tools they need to present their message for the cause of Christ.

Linda Stubblefield

Linda Stubblefield is married to David Stubblefield, the academic dean at a Christian college in Indiana. They are the parents of two adult married daughters.

When Linda entered the fourth grade, her teacher cultivated in her a love of reading by bringing her selected books. From her love of reading blossomed a love for words and writing. She attended a university majoring in education with a minor in English. As a junior, Linda transferred to a Christian college and graduated with a BS in education.

Since 1976, Linda has worked with a Christian ladies’ magazine in various capacities, including holding the position of assistant editor since 1990. As the assistant editor, she edited and proofed every article for content and clarity. Her work extended to the arena of books, and since 1990, she has assisted in the publishing of more than 300 books for more than 50 authors. The majority of her work on these books has focused on proofreading, editing, research, design and layout.

Jack Minor

Jack Minor is a Christian, husband, father, former pastor, author and editor. He is an accomplished writer and researcher whose work has been referenced in multiple media outlets as well as legal documents.

In addition to a series of booklets on famous Christian pastors and evangelists of the past, he has written hundreds of articles on a variety of subjects including social issues, politics, science and religious topics. The material is written from a Christian perspective and utilizes a wide range of sources for the material.

Jack has been interviewed on multiple television and radio shows over material he has researched and written about. Currently, Jack is the senior editor and writer for The Greeley Gazette, an online newspaper with readership in all 50 states and over a dozen foreign countries. Several of his stories have been picked up by national media outlets and gone “viral.”

Additionally, Jack is a contributing writer for WND, the number one independent news site on the Internet. Jack’s research, proofreading and editing skills has been acknowledged in four books on topics ranging from doctrinal to historical subjects.

Angie Zachary

Angie Zachary currently resides in San Diego, where her husband of 38 years serves as an assistant pastor. The Zacharys have three married children and enjoy visiting their ten grandchildren as often as possible.

Angie has worked as a freelance editor and proofreader since 1981. During her tenure as an executive assistant to the senior pastor in two different mega-church ministries between 1997 and 2014, her responsibilities included daily proofreading tasks that encompassed a wide variety of content from websites to ministry print materials to books authored by her employers and their associates.

Angie’s passion for excellence is the guiding force behind her work, and it is her desire to assist authors in reaching others with their message through clearly written and professionally crafted materials that bring honor to the name of Christ.

Rena Fish

Rena Fish is married to her sweetheart, Mike Fish, a faculty member at a Christian college where they both teach English Composition and other related courses, including Editing and Proofreading. The Fishes have been blessed with three children.

After graduating from college with a bachelor’s degree in secondary education with an English proficiency, Rena also earned her master’s degree and began teaching English. She has taught English for almost 30 years. Along with providing instruction for her students, Rena has worked as an editor and proofreader for many different authors of both magazine articles and books. Over the years she has written many articles for publication as well as worked extensively with both academic and business writing.

As a teacher, Rena stresses to her students the power behind their words and the importance of excellence as they represent Christ. As an editor and proofreader, Rena has a strong desire to help others pass on the truths that God has placed in their hearts.