Why Christians Need a Christian Editor

A Christian editor will generally understand another Christian’s point of view. When working on material where he has limited knowledge, a good editor will read and study the subject matter. A good editor needs to have a working knowledge of the author’s choice of material. A good editor’s personal study and note taking enables the editor to offer a critical review of the author’s words. He can direct the author where to further research his material.

A Christian editor has the ability to apply Scriptural principles to the text. The editor can apply the Philippians 4:8 paradigm to the material. A book written for Christian readers should pass the qualifications set forth in this Scripture with flying colors. A good editor will hold the author to a standard of excellence based on biblical principles and truths. Does the book contain truth? Is honesty a hallmark trait of the characters? Does the book uphold justice? Are the characters pure? Lovely? Good report? The Bible tells us to think on these things.

A book proclaiming the name of Christ—whether fact or fiction—should glorify God. Who better to know whether or not a work glorifies God than a Christian editor who is well-acquainted with the Word of God.