The Most Common Mistake of Christian Authors

Perhaps the most common mistake I see Christians make is secularizing a Christian book to capture a market. What is secularizing a book? Using worldly terms to appeal to a non-Christian audience. Attempting to attract the unsaved by lowering biblical standards as opposed to standing on Christian principles and uplifting what the Word of God says.

A common statement I receive from fledgling authors is “The Holy Spirit told me to write this—every word of it exactly as it is.” Really? The Holy Spirit Who moved on a man of God to write “A word fitly spoken…” told you to use a minced oath or a curse word or vulgar words? These kinds of words should not be a part of any Christian’s vocabulary. I also commonly hear, “But the antagonist is the character who is using the words!” God gave us an unlimited vocabulary to paint a picture that the readers will understand without compromising Christ’s standard of excellent speech.

When the Holy Spirit moves you to expend time, energy and resources to write a Christian book, then allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to write a book that will cause the reader to desire to know the Christ of your book. Don’t let your book teeter on sensuality or any other earmark of secularism.

Linda Stubblefield, Editor