Christian Writing

You are a Christian and you have a message or a story to tell. Should you write it? Would anyone buy it? Would it be worth the trouble? The short answer is: write it. It is impossible to understand the impact your writing can have on those around you. But even if the only person who benefits from your story is you, it would still be worth writing.

I am a published Christian author and editor. I wrote for years, dating all the way back when I was in junior high school, before one of my works was actually picked up by a publisher. It didn’t matter though. I didn’t write to make money. I wrote because I had something to share. I wanted to help someone. I wanted to honor Christ.

Christianity has real answers for real problems. This is the reason for writing. In this information age, the majority of people will gravitate to the internet and a simple search engine to find answers to their problems. The quick, easy, and nearly instantaneous availability of information is incredibly appealing to people. Wouldn’t it be nice if they found an article written by you?

I wrote hundreds of articles and posted them all over the internet. They have had hundreds of thousands of reads. They have been featured in dozens of online magazines and newsletters. I have received hundreds of positive messages from readers who were inspired and helped because of an article of mine they found in a search engine.

Writing is a ministry. Write your story. Make sure it is the best it can be, however. Get an editor if you need one. Let’s spread the Word.

Christian authors and Christian writing is something this world desperately needs. Even if you feel you are not a good writer, writing is the only way to improve that skill. The more you write, the better you will become. It is a powerful tool to help reach this world.

So write!