Christian Editing

The aim of a Christian Editor is somewhat different than that of any other editor. A Christian Editor wants to see a work glorify God and present the wonderfulness of Christ to a non-Christian and Christian audience. Christians have real answers to real problems in the world. A good Christian Editor wants to be part of that process.

For a Christian author, there is nothing better than to have a Christian Editor to partner with. It is important to have someone who understands the biblical references, who can relate to the message, and can view the work through critical eyes to ensure that the message isn’t lost in the text.

An ill edited manuscript, at best, becomes a distraction. At worst, it misleads the reader into thinking you mean one thing when, in fact, you mean something else entirely. When the message, from God’s Word, is so important, it would be a tragedy indeed to create confusion. God is not the Author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33). It would be a shame, however, for His people to be authors of confusion. And in terms of quality, Christian works should take second place to nothing. This is why you need a good Christian Editor.

It is also nice to know that you are working with someone who believes in what you are doing.

Each Christian Editor should have a Statement of Faith. It is important, when choosing an editor, to select one that will stand by his or her beliefs. A good Christian Editor will not work with every author and every manuscript. Just because the word ‘Christian’ is tacked onto the work, does not mean that the editor should work with it. A good editor has a conscious and answers to God. He or she needs to make that evident and be willing to stick to his or her beliefs. This is what you want. You want the value of the work (in monetary terms) to take a backseat to the message of the work. The message is the true value of your work. If an editor doesn’t believe in it, you won’t get the full value of his expertise.