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Christian Editing

The aim of a Christian Editor is somewhat different than that of any other editor. A Christian Editor wants to see a work glorify God and present the wonderfulness of Christ to a non-Christian and Christian audience. Christians have real answers to real problems in the world. A good Christian Editor wants to be part […]

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The Power of the Comma

There is nothing more confusing in English grammar than the use of the comma. The comma has the ability to completely alter the meaning of a sentence and even a word. For example, compare the following two sentences: “What is this thing called love?” “What is this thing called, love?” The comma in the second […]

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Why Do You Need an Editor?

It is nearly impossible to edit your own work thoroughly. Even if you have a strong command of the English language and are adept at grammar and punctuation, you remain too close to your own work to see it objectively. You wrote it. You breathed it. You even dreamed about it. Being so close to […]

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