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The Most Common Mistake of Christian Authors

Perhaps the most common mistake I see Christians make is secularizing a Christian book to capture a market. What is secularizing a book? Using worldly terms to appeal to a non-Christian audience. Attempting to attract the unsaved by lowering biblical standards as opposed to standing on Christian principles and uplifting what the Word of God […]

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Christian Writing

You are a Christian and you have a message or a story to tell. Should you write it? Would anyone buy it? Would it be worth the trouble? The short answer is: write it. It is impossible to understand the impact your writing can have on those around you. But even if the only person […]

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The Power of the Comma

There is nothing more confusing in English grammar than the use of the comma. The comma has the ability to completely alter the meaning of a sentence and even a word. For example, compare the following two sentences: “What is this thing called love?” “What is this thing called, love?” The comma in the second […]

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